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Detroit Wrecker Sales

Detroit Wrecker Sales is a family owned and operated company.  We started in the USA and we keep it in the USA.  Every cylinder, bushing and pin is fabricated right here in Detroit. In true American tradition, we strive to improve upon the ideas, practices and products of our predecessors. Our Low-Loader flatbed car carrier is the toughest, strongest, lowest tow truck in the world.   Originally a European concept, we made it stronger, improved the design, and gave it better materials, to develop it into the exceptional machine it is today.

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Minuteman Wheel Lifts

For over 10 years our customers have appreciated the easy installation, quick operation, and rugged construction that makes Minute Man Wheel Lifts the obvious choice for light duty towing & repossession use. Our passion is excellence – both in product quality & customer service. We are small business people too. We believe you shouldn’t have to go through countless departments to find the right person to help. We are dedicated to serving you and we would be honored to earn your business.

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