November 30, 2023

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Excitement is in the air! Last week we announced our latest integration with RISC and MBSi while utilizing ARA’s Compliance Monitoring System. As we rolled out this project, we fielded several questions and wanted to communicate with each of you for clarity and ease of use.

Q. Where can I find my ARA Membership ID?
A. You can find your ARA Membership ID when logging into the CCRS
homepage, and select MANAGE EMPLOYEES

Q. What do I do with my ARA Membership ID once I locate it?
A. Copy your ARA Membership ID and place it into Recovery Connect, specific to
the employee and where it says “CARS CERTIFIED”

  •      The most frequent user error is caused by entering the Certificate ID
    instead of the ARA Membership ID.
  •      The second most frequent user error is entering the ARA Membership ID
    incorrectly. When you copy and paste the ARA Membership ID, be sure
    to capture the letters “AM” which are the first two digits of the ARA
    Membership ID number. AND be sure that you do not capture a space
    before or after the ID number.

Q. How long does it take for my certificate to be accepted once I completed my
CCRS training?
A. All file transfers are completed during the overnight hours. For example, if
you finished your CCRS training on 10/21, it will become valid in the MBSi
platform on or after 10/22.

Users of the CCRS training program can login to Recovery Connect, and enter their ARA Member ID to begin working assignments via the MBSi platform. To review the process, be sure to check out this how to guide: ARA Compliance

Very truly yours,
Joel Kennedy
Executive Director

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