July 12, 2024
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For Immediate Release

American Recovery Association

The American Recovery Association (ARA) is the premier national association representing the collateral recovery profession and its members. We advance professional practices and ethical conduct through our meetings, seminars, publications, educational and compliance management programs. We actively work to encourage and promote the adoption of legislation at the state and national level. In short, the ARA represents the best trained and most compliant recovery professionals on the planet.

Over the past 4 years, the ARA has worked closely with the National Automotive Finance Association (NAF), scores of lenders, forwarders, and service providers to collaborate on industry standards. One of the main sources of inefficiency stemmed from a fragmented and fractured system of compliance management and monitoring that resulted in tremendous waste, inefficiency, and duplication of efforts.

Thanks to the efforts of RISC and MBSi, the ARA’s CCRS compliance training program is now accepted and recognized by this platform and its lender / forwarder users. Recovery professionals that use the RISC or CCRS compliance programs alike now have the freedom to choose for themselves which compliance program works best for them.

The work and testing required to get CCRS integrated into the RISC platform is now complete, and effective October 17, the CCRS compliance program is accepted and qualified to work with RISC and MBSi.

Users of the CCRS training program can now log onto RISC and enter their CCRS ID and begin working assignments via the MBSi platform. Go to this link to learn how to utilize the CCRS training on the RISC platform:  ARA Compliance

Very truly yours,
Joel Kennedy
Executive Director