February 23, 2024

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Fallen Agents Day: A Day of Moratorium and Reflection

For Immediate Release

Fallen Agents Day: A Day of Moratorium and Reflection

Urged by John Newberry and the Georgia Association of Licensed Repossessors

As the owner of Eagle Eye Recovery, Inc. and the President of the Georgia Association of Licensed Repossessors, I, John Newberry, stand with the repossession community in solemnly commemorating Fallen Agents Day on February 25th. Because the 25th lands on a Sunday this year, we are suggesting that it be observed on Monday February 26th instead. This year, we assert a call to action for a day of moratorium across the industry.

In memory of Tommy Deen Morris and many others who have sacrificed their lives, we urge a complete cessation of repossession activities on this day. This pause is not merely symbolic but a vital act to underscore the critical importance of safety and respect in our profession.

The risks and challenges faced by repossession agents are often underappreciated. Their losses impact families, friends, and the entire industry. By observing a day of moratorium, we honor their sacrifices and encourage a collective commitment to fostering a safer, more respectful working environment.

This call to action is directed to all stakeholders – lenders, forwarders, and repossession agencies. Let us unite in solidarity, recognizing the inherent risks of our profession and reaffirming our dedication to the safety and dignity of every individual involved.

Let this day of remembrance also be a turning point towards a safer future in the repossession industry. Together, we have the power to transform our profession into one characterized by safety, respect, and dignity for all.

John Newberry
Owner, Eagle Eye Recovery, Inc.
President, Georgia Association of Licensed Repossessors

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