December 6, 2023

Repo Buzz

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Image may contain: Mclaughlin AJ and Kristina Mclaughlin

5 years ago, I had been contemplating starting a new industry related project and after several conversations with AJ, Repo Buzz was born. Together, we have built Repo Buzz into a very successful website as well as the largest repossession related Facebook group out there. AJ and I have a unique approach to how we run Repo Buzz and that formula has proved to be very successful. One of the key factors was the relationship that AJ and I have as business partners. While I have had a few over my years, I have never had a business partner where everything just meshed well together. It was like a great marriage. A few of you know this, but AJ and I have never met in person. Who knows, perhaps that is part of the reason we have had such a successful partnership.

It is with a heavy, yet optimistic, heart that we announce that AJ will be leaving Repo Buzz to concentrate on his own job and to free up his time for other projects as well as to spend more time with his wife Kristina and two young daughters. Despite his departure, AJ will always be an integral component in the foundation that Repo Buzz’s success is based upon.

Please join me in wishing AJ all the best in the future and in giving our thanks to all he has done with Repo Buzz. I am certain he will still be posting on the Facebook group.

Thank you, AJ. Great job!

Dave Branch
Repo Buzz

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