February 23, 2024

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Tesla has teased its upcoming electric pickup truck during the launch of the all-new Semi Truck and Roadster. As the American EV manufacturer claims, the upcoming electric pickup truck will be able to carry another pickup truck on its cargo area and it is evident that the model takes design inspiration from the Semi Truck. The Tesla pickup truck will share technologies that have been used in the Semi Truck, but it can be driven with a normal driving licence. It is expected to come as a large vehicle with a large cargo loading area. This facts certainly point to a question whether it will be a practical and useful pickup truck or not.


The Tesla electric pickup truck is still in its concept form and it is not clear when the automaker will launch this. Also read: All-Electric Tesla Semi Truck Revealed Finally With 800 KM Range Considering the brand’s notorious trend of bringing the production models with significant amount of delay, we can assume the electric pickup truck won’t arrive before 2020. Now, speaking about its design, the pickup truck looks like a monster from the teaser image and it also shows another conventional looking pickup truck on its cargo area. Advertisement The Tesla pickup truck sports LED headlamps identical to the Semi Truck. The sloping front profile gets a chunky skid plate at the bottom that focuses on its toughness. It gets large wheels sitting under the flared wheel arches.


The glass area has been designed to give the occupants maximum possible view of outside. There are sharp character lines as well. The pickup truck appears with significant design inspiration from the Semi truck, inside the cabin too it is likely to share several elements. Also, it would come with four-door cab configuration. The pickup truck is likely to offer generous amount of space and it would carry a minimalist approach in terms of features. Expect the pickup truck to get a long running range thanks to a powerful battery.


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