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MBSi Acquires MRS and VTS


03/05/2019– PHOENIX, Az.– MBSi Corp., a leading provider of compliance-enabled repossession assignment management software and vendor management software, today announced the acquisition of My Recovery System and Vendor Transparency Solutions’ platforms. This acquisition allows MBSi to offer a single software ecosystem for repossession assignment management and vendor compliance management to recovery agents, forwarders and lenders in the auto finance industry.

The integration of My Recovery System’s easy-to-use, full back-office platform and Vendor Transparency Solutions’ web-based compliance management system with MBSi’s assignment volume, operating excellence and talent, formalizes a game-changing component of MBSi’s overall solutions strategy.

“We are thrilled to be working with the My Recovery System and Vendor Transparency Solutions platforms and teams to provide a seamless software solution for the recovery industry,” said Cort DeHart, president of MBSi. “By capitalizing on these easy-to-use platforms, we will be able to bring new efficiencies to the industry with a seamless software solution that includes routing, full back-office and compliance management. This, coupled with the talent of the teams, sets us apart to deliver real results.”

“I’m excited to be part of a growing company where designs and strategies bring efficiency and transparency to the auto finance recovery industry,” said Jeff Koistinen, founder and president of My Recovery System. “MBSi’s commitment to the recovery agents ties back to our collective mission to exceed the needs of agents.”

“I couldn’t be happier to join the MBSi team as we work together to deliver next generation compliance management platforms for recovery agents, forwarders and lenders,” said Max Pineiro, founder and president of Vendor Transparency Solutions.

The teams will immediately begin working to integrate the platforms to provide the highest level of data and access security of sensitive consumer information. MBSi will continue to partner with RISC who provides vendor vetting, compliance training and lot inspection services.

MBSi is hosting a recovery agent user conference and appreciation event on April 17, 2019 at Texas Live!, a premier entertainment venue in Arlington, TX, starting at 3:00 PM. The user conference is exclusive to recovery agents to learn more about the new platform, pricing and how to get started. Recovery agents can register here.