April 13, 2024

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DALLAS TWP. — A woman was arraigned Monday on charges she struck a man with a Jeep and slapped another man while they repossessed her vehicle.

Township police alleged Charlene Marie Burton, 35, of Rays Lane, ran out of her house screaming and cursing while Larry Totaro and Michael Wagner arrived to repossess the Jeep on Thursday.

According to the criminal complaint: Totaro and Wagner backed up a flat-bed truck to the Jeep and attached chains to the undercarriage. As they were doing this, Bruce Hanson emerged from Burton’s house telling the two men he had until 4:30 p.m. to make a payment.

Burton ran from her house screaming and cursing at Totaro and Wagner.

Wagner told police he intentionally stood next to the driver’s door to prevent Burton from entering the Jeep. He claimed Burton slapped him in the face and pushed her way into the driver’s seat.

Totaro told Burton to calm down but she continued to scream and curse. Hanson attempted to unhook the chains as Burton started the vehicle and threw it in reverse striking Totaro with an open door, the complaint says.

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