September 26, 2023

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Ohio RO Wanted On Felony After Agent Assault

A man is wanted on a charge of felony robbery after police say he violently stopped a tow truck driver from repossessing his car.

It happened last Friday inside a parking lot on Glencrossing Way.

Police say 25-year-old Bailey Woodward is the man responsible.

Jimmy Bayless was the repo driver involved. He works for City-Wide Towing and Recovery.

“I usually have my GoPro on my head most of the time, except that day I didn’t have it on me,” Bayless said.

When Woodward went into a store, Bayless loaded the man’s Hyundai Sonata onto his tow truck. Moments later, Bayless said it became a battle to break away.

“He jumped in and I was fighting him for the controls to make the lift go up and down,” Bayless said.

Police said Woodward and a friend punched Bayless in an effort to take back the car.

Eventually, the two drove the vehicle off the lift and took off.

Two days after the incident, Bayless went to Woodward’s home and sucessfully recovered his car.

If you have any information on Woodward’s whereabouts, you’re asked to contact District 3 police.

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