July 12, 2024
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Pistol During Repo Leads To Raid On Councilman’s Home

Achille City Councilman Bryan Baker’s wife, convicted felon Ashley Baker, was arrested at their home on Monday.

Achille, OK – The wife of an Achille city councilman claimed that police used excessive force against her husband during a search warrant at their home on Monday, but bodycam footage showed that nothing violent occurred during the encounter.

In response, Achille Mayor David Northcutt suspended all of the officers in the department and said termination could be coming.

“It was something out of a horror movie that you didn’t expect to happen to yourself,” convicted felon Ashley Baker told KXII on Monday.

Achille police obtained a search warrant for Ashley’s property after a tow truck driver reported that she was in possession of a 9mm handgun when he repossessed her vehicle the week prior, KXII reported.

Ashley, who is married to Achille city councilman Bryan Baker, previously spent time in prison for drug charges. As a result, she is a convicted felon and cannot be in possession of firearms.

The officers knocked on the door of the couple’s home five times and announced that they had a warrant to search the property, but the Bakers refused to cooperate, so police ultimately forced entry.

Once they were inside, they placed Bryan in handcuffs, but didn’t immediately handcuff Ashley because she was holding her young child.

“He come running at me with an [AR-15] and I put my hands up. And he hit me right there and we slid across the floor,” Bryan alleged during an interview with KXII.

“I panicked. I was worried for my daughter on what I was going to do with her so she didn’t have to see this,” Ashley told the news outlet.

“I do not feel safe!” the shirtless councilman yelled as he sat on the floor in front of one of the officers. “I want Bryan County officers here now!”

The officer told him that no one was going to harm him, but Bryan continued to scream that he wanted a different department to respond.

“I haven’t resisted! Not resisting!” he yelled without provocation.

Meanwhile, Ashley stood nearby, recording the scene will her cell phone.

Officers later located the handgun and 20 rounds of ammunition inside a barn on Ashley’s property, but she claimed the weapon wasn’t hers and that it must have belonged to a tenant who was staying there.

Ashley was placed under arrest, but was released from the Bryan County Jail about four hours later because the police report regarding the search had not been filed, KXII reported.

Prosecutors are reviewing the case to determine whether or not she will be charged.

Ashley claimed that Bryan, who was not arrested, had to go to the hospital to be treated for bruising and swelling to his face, but he did not appear to have any injuries in any of the videos of the incident.

One of the officers used profanity during the incident.

“What I’m hoping for is that some light comes to this town,” she told KXII.

“If this is how I’m going to be punished for doing what’s right to help my community, then I guess I’ll take it,” Bryan added.

The mayor decided that the entire department need to be held accountable for the arrest.

“There were several issues which some felt arose in which the warrant was delivered, as well as other actions that occurred at the residence,” Mayor Northcutt told KXII.

Mayor Northcutt himself was arrested in October for possession of methamphetamine and first degree burglary, according to KXII.

He says that the Board of Trustees will have to vote on the fate of the officers. That vote doesn’t look promising, because in addition to Northcutt and Baker’s run-ins with the police, Councilman Lynn Chambers was also just arrested in December for trafficking methamphetamine and possession of weapons during a felony.

You can see Baker’s video from the warrant service below. WARNING – Language: