July 12, 2024
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A tow-truck driver was held at gunpoint while repossessing a woman’s SUV at an apartment Friday in North Little Rock, police say.

The victim told the North Little Rock Police Department that a woman ran to a black 2002 Dodge Durango around 4:55 a.m. that day as he was leaving a parking lot in the 1700 block of Arrowhead Road.

The woman, listed as being 21 years old, opened the driver’s side door to her SUV, prompting the driver to get out of his truck to avoid running her over, a report states.

Police noted that the victim allowed the woman to get belongings out of the vehicle and helped her carry them inside her apartment.

A short time later, the woman brandished a semi-automatic handgun, demanded that he put his hands up and “not do anything tricky,” according to authorities.

The driver released the Dodge back into the woman’s possession and got into his truck while waiting for officers to arrive, authorities said.

No items were listed as stolen in the report.

A woman was named in the report though her name did not appear in Pulaski County jail records as of Monday evening.