Conway, AR –

Police were called to the Hardee’s on Dave Ward Drive on Wednesday, Oct. 28 at 9:11 p.m. A man was there to repossess a car and had gotten hit by the car they were trying to repossess, the officer was told. He arrived on site and spoke with the repo man and his two co-workers, the driver having already left the scene.

The man who’d been struck said he’d found the pickup he’d been sent out to get parked at the restaurant. As he moved to repossess it, pulling his truck and trailer up, the truck owner came out, saw what was going on, got in the truck’s cab and locked the door. He then started it and pulled away, pulling forward, over the curb. As he did so the man who was repossessing moved to the front of the truck to stop the man, who instead kept going, “tapping,” as the report put it, the repo man.

The man told the officer he didn’t think the act was intentional, and he didn’t want to press charges, nor did he suffer any injuries. They needed the report so they could file a court order for the truck, he explained.

After the repo crew left the Hardee’s got a call from the man who had driven off in the pickup. The manager went and got the officer so the two could speak. The officer reported the man told him he had receipts showing his fees were paid up to date on the truck and the repossession order was supposed to have been lifted. He didn’t know he had hit anyone, he told the officer.

The officer explained the incident, while reported, carried no charges and the repo crew did not wish to press charges.