April 13, 2024

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RO Embarrassed By Repo Reports Carjacking

Twenty-nine-year-old Joshua Black was arrested on a charge of false informing and named persona non grata after concocting a story about an armed robbery to police in Indiana.

Purdue University Police Department officers were dispatched to Beering Hall of Liberal Arts and Education on Monday afternoon for possible carjacking with a gun.

Black claimed his name was Michael Wilson and that a “white male with black hat and possibly 5’11”” walked up to him in the parking garage with a handgun and demanded his keys, according to the probable cause affidavit.

Black said he gave up his keys to the suspect then ran away and hid until the man left with his car.

Police said he left them puzzled with inconsistencies in his story, such as claiming not to know the direction in which his gray Chevy Equinox was parked. He also told them he did not know a Joshua Black.

After his lie was discovered, Black explained he parked his car in the parking garage before going to Stone Hall and later received a call from the bank that his car had been repossessed, telling the bank where his vehicle was located in the garage. Black also said his father Steven Wilson, who lives in Colorado, did not know of the car’s repossession and that he “was embarrassed that his vehicle was being repossessed and so he made the story up.” He said he had taken it too far.

PUPD Capt. Song Kang said that the 911 call had left the police “on edge” and that people need to know that making false reports like this affects the police department and the public.


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