MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A local woman was taken into custody after she allegedly lost her cool and attacked a mechanic at a local auto shop.

The alleged incident happened about a week ago at JR’s Auto Sales & Repair in the 3200 block of Summer Avenue. According to police, Lameka Brown reportedly became hostile when she arrived to pick up her things from inside her repossessed car.

Wary of the woman, employees reportedly asked one of the mechanics to walk with Brown to her car. When they got there, Brown allegedly took out a baseball bat and threatened to smash the windows out of the car.

That’s when she allegedly took a swing at the mechanic. Fortunately, the man wasn’t hurt by the blow, having blocked and then shoved the bat away. He then yelled for employees to call police.

The 27-year-old then ran to her car, squealed her tires and drove at the man nearly hitting him.

Four days later, Brown arrived at the police station and admitted to being angry. However, she denied actually swinging the bat or trying to hit the victim with her car.

She was still charged with aggravated assault.