Uber Repo Solution – Live In The Car

Taken From An Uber Message Board – UberPeople.net

“Ill make a long story short. Xchange leasing stopped deducting lease payment from our pay and I fell behind on paying. There are aspects of this that are my fault, but the way it’s run now is designed to make payment difficult. They will only take a payment over the phone via bank acct number, you can pay online but it doesn’t give you a receipt or reflect the payment on your acct immediately, their call center lies about resolving issues (it’s basically uber phone support)…

Anyways, I thought I made a payment, never followed up to make sure it went through with a phone rep (ridiculous I have to do that), it didn’t go through and when I went to pay next time I saw my acct was in repo status for being 5 weeks late.

I called to settle, they told me that if I did it would take my car out of repo status. Then I gave the info and he said (manager at this point) payment would go through Monday and THEN they could take off repo status. THEN he said 2-3 business days. I truly believe that they WANT to repo the car AND take my past due bc they are losing money on the leases and they are ****ing shady. So I’ve been stressed. I figured out the solution…

They cannot “Breach the peace” to repossess the vehicle. This basically means they can’t start a fight to reclaim it, or like forcibly move you if you are in the way. So all I have to do is live in my car while this plays out! Haha. It sounds ridiculous and awful to some, I know, but do you know how much peace of mind this gave me? I’m obviously not a lawyer, and they can get a legal order to evict me, but that takes time and that’s AFTER they finally catch up to me, which alone will be difficult as I’m driving constantly. Worst case is it gets repo’d and I find a beater.

Can we try and have fun with this and not reply with “this is your fault, dummy” or “Shoulda paid the bill so you wouldn’t be here”.”

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