July 12, 2024
Home ยป WA Police Intervene During Valid Repossession

SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. – Rocky Samson has been selling cars for almost 30 years and currently runs Checker Auto Sales in Spokane Valley. After a customer called police during an attempted repossession, he says he felt that police treated him wrongly.

“I feel violated, I felt angry that they weren’t protecting me,” he said.

He says when one of his customers came in looking for permanent plates for a car, he told her he was going to be repossessing her car.

That customer, Amanda Deweese bought her first car at the dealership in October and provided a Washington ID, but no drivers license when she did.

She also signed a contract saying that she would get insurance within 30 days and claims Samson was aware that she drove the car home without a license when she bought it.

“Don’t sign a contract or let me come purchase a vehicle without a license and throw it up later when you are mad at me,” she said.

She said that she had been up to date on all her payments, and only when she got angry that Samson wasn’t providing her permanent plates did he try to take her car.

He says because she violated the contract by not getting insurance, it was his right. During the ensuing disagreement, Deweese called police.

“They told me that I block my car in to repo it, it would be unlawful imprisonment and they would take me to jail,” said Samson.

What happened after is where he feels like public safety was jeopardized.

“I told the police when they got there that I didn’t have a drivers license and that I probably shouldn’t be driving around but I have children and need to get places,” said Deweese.

According to Spokane Valley Police, after advising Samson about what could happened if he attempted to block Deweese from leaving, and telling her that she shouldn’t be driving without a license, they left.

“We determined that it to be non-criminal and left,” said Sgt. Mark Wolf.

He says police don’t enforce broken contracts and his deputies left the scene.

But Samson and Deweese say they stuck around.

“They had no concern, they stayed in the parking lot across the street until I left,” said Deweese.

Fox says its up to deputy discretion to arrest someone if they don’t have a license, but noted they weren’t there when she drove off and were of the understanding she had arranged for someone to pick up the car.

Currently, police say they are done with the matter. Samson says he expects a police apology and for them to cover the cost of the failed repossession and Samson expects her car to get repossessed soon.