February 22, 2024

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Man Found Shot At Repossession Lot In New Jersey

WEST ORANGE, New Jersey (WABC) —¬†Early Sunday afternoon police took over a stretch of Lakeside Avenue in West Orange, New Jersey after a man was shot and killed.

“I never thought that this would happen – shocking to see that,” said John Burlew.

Burlew’s friend was found dead inside a dark-colored Subaru. The small SUV was riddled with bullet holes – one in the passenger’s side door. The driver’s side window is shattered.

“I heard about seven or eight shots ring out and looked out the window and saw about four or five officers pulling up on the street, and within five minutes, the entire street was roped off,” said Nabeel Siraj.

Friends of the victim tell Eyewitness News that he worked at TIRS Recovery Service and Towing. The company has a lot at the corner of Ashland Ave. It is where people pay to get their cars back after being towed.

Burlew says he was talking to the victim, who was the money man behind the operation. Right before the fatal shooting, he says his friend was dealing with an upset customer, who he says was the gunman.

Burlew says he did see the suspect pay the fee for his car – he believes a Nissan, and pull the vehicle out of the lot. He has no clue why the suspect then doubled back and shot the victim.


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