July 12, 2024
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Police: “Car Was Repossessed By Mistake”

DAPHNE, Ala. (WKRG) – It’s not what Teresa Lee expected to happen Tuesday in the early morning hours at her Daphne home.

“Freaking out, thinking I know I made my payment. Why would somebody come and steal my car,” said Teresa Lee.

When she first realized her 16-year-old son’s car was missing from the driveway she filed a report with the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office.

“I was searching all day long trying to find out where the car was,” Lee said.

Security cameras gave her the first clue. At 2:05 a.m. a black tow truck with no identification was spotted leaving the Bay Branch neighborhood with her son’s Nissan Sentra. She eventually got a tip the car was taken to Havana Auto Sales in Tillman’s Corner, a place she says she’s never heard, of on Three Notch Road. She purchased the car from a dealership in Loxley and that’s who she contacted to make sure a payment wasn’t missed and to verify the car has a clean title.

“They stated that it had a clean title on it and the finance company, two different people I spoke with there, they absolutely said no you’re in perfect standing with us. We have no interest in the car whatsoever,” she explained.

Investigators believe the car was repossessed by mistake. That’s something Lee doesn’t understand. She says the driver’s door doesn’t shut properly now.

We’ve reached out to the dealership in Mobile County, but we’ve not heard back. The Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office says since this was a mistake, no criminal charges are expected, but Lee says she intends to pursue legal action for the alleged damage following this bizarre ordeal.

“I’m not trying to get rich off of anybody, I just want them to make it right,” Lee added.