Verify A Bankruptcy

VCIS: VOICE CASE INFORMATION SYSTEM VCIS uses an automated voice response system to read a limited amount of bankruptcy case information directly from the court’s database in response to touch-tone telephone inquiries. Access to the VCIS is currently offered at no cost. Many bankruptcy courts provide access through a centralized VCIS at (866) 222-8029.  

Charges Dropped Over NYPD Repo Arrest

Being a repo man can be hazardous, but it landed Jose Rodriguez in jail, after he tried to repossess an NYPD detective’s car in May. “It’s a wrongful arrest. It should’ve never happened,” Rodriguez told NY1. Now, four months later, the Staten Island district attorney’s office agrees. It’s decided to have all remaining charges against the

SD Scooter Repo – Fight At Lot

The owners of a San Diego company that impounds electric rideshare scooters parked on private property are suing a popular scooter operating company. Legal action was taken against Lime Scooters after the owners of Scoot Scoop said they got into a violent confrontation with so-called “juicers” working on behalf of Lime. Juicers are people who