May 21, 2024

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Stolen Firearms Found In Repo. RO Arrested

A man was arrested in Barryton after allegedly stealing six rifles from his employer in Minnesota.

The 23 year-old faces six counts of theft involving firearms and is currently is being held at Mecosta County Jail without bond.

He faces extradition to Minnesota.

The man was previously identified as a suspect in the thefts, which were reported in December in Lancaster, Minnesota.

That’s a small town near the North Dakota border, where the man was working at the time.

The man returned to his home in Barryton, where his car was repossessed.

Officers allegedly found three rifles in the repossessed vehicle that were reported stolen.

And, after an interview with the man, he subsequently turned over three more rifles that were also reported stolen.

Police credit a nationwide system for reporting stolen guns’ serial numbers for helping make the arrest.

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