December 6, 2023

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2018 – Top 10 In Repossession News

With virtually everyone offering up some sort of year end list, Repo Buzz presents theirs. Just a random selection of news stories from 2018 to get you thinking back on the year that is about to end. Let us not forget those who are no longer with us. Happy New Year to all.

Dave and AJ

#10 – Appeals Court Upholds $100 PP Fee – Not FDCPA Violation

#9 – CFPB & FL AG Investigate Marlin Financial

#8 – CFPB Lands A $11.8mil Blow On Santander

#7 – Storm Brews As CA Reclassifies Independent Contractors

#6 – NJ Cop Caught Slipping Info To Repo Co.

#5 – Repo Shooters Get 6 Years Each

#4 – Subprime Auto Loan Defaults at 20 Year High

#3 – Recovery Manager Steals 390K From Agency

#2 – Virginia Repossessor Shot And Killed

#1 – Clearplan Purchased By KAR


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