If you are needing to use the Cleardata scheduling program, but do not have, want or need a dedicated website, Repo Buzz in conjunction with Cleardata, has the solution for you. Get your Cleardata button link and information in one convenient location with a dedicated url (Repo.Buzz/your-agency-name) link that you can place on transport paperwork, telephone greeting systems, emails and even police/sheriff departments when you report a recovery. Put the tools of Cleardata to use without the costs associated with a website.

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Your dedicated page will look like the demo below:

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123 Elm Street Anytown, USA 12345
(555) 321-4321

Personal Property/Vehicle Redemption/Vehicle Transports
Appointment Scheduling 

If you need to visit any of our facilities to retrieve any personal property that was left in your vehicle, have made arrangements with your bank and need to redeem your vehicle or if you need to pick up a vehicle from our storage lot, you MUST make an appointment first.

Repossession Software from Cleardata

***NOTICE - If you make an appointment with us and fail to show up or cancel with us, you may be assessed an  administrative fee.

To put the power of your Cleardata account to work, simply contact us using the form below and will will contact you promptly for quick and painless setup.