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Repo Buzz has been asked to reach out to the collateral recovery community to assist with finding repossession agencies across all areas of the United States who are seeking and capable of adding accounts for boats, campers, camper trailers, road tractors and trailers of different sizes and configurations.

Agency requirements are, of course, proper insurance and State licensing where required. The client is particularly interested in those with Gooseneck and 5th Wheel capabilities.

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During the collection of qualified agencies, this client wishes to remain anonymous to avoid delays associated with such an undertaking. They have a large number of current accounts already being actively placed and they would rather focus their efforts on recovery. These accounts are for an established and reputable company and all account fees are well above industry average.

If your agency and specific service area is selected, all important information will be discussed at that time. Repo Buzz serves only a media role and will not be able to answer any related questions.

If you are interested in submitting your agency's information, please use the blind email form below to send it directly to the requesting client.