July 11, 2024
Home » Repo Killer Violates Bond-Flees To Nevada

MADISON CO., Ala. (WAFF) – The bondsman for a man accused of shooting and killing a tow truck driver says the accused shooter is not in the state.

Warren Siao is accused of shooting and killing 38-year-old Jayson Click during a repossession in December 2023. He was arrested and charged with murder.

Currently Siao is out on a $60,000 bond and his bondsman says he is in Nevada.

“If we do catch them out of state and we have not been notified, then we will revoke their bond,” Angelo Contino with Betta Bonds said.

Under Alabama law, someone who is out on bond can not leave the state without notifying the court. However, the owner of Betta Bonds says Siao told him exactly where he was headed.

“We have to feel completely comfortable with it. Because you do have some individuals that will come up with an excuse,” Contino said. “This specific individual, no, I don’t feel like he’s a flight risk or anything like that.”

Prosecutors in the Madison County District Attorney’s Office say Siao never received permission to leave Alabama and is in violation of his bond terms.

Attorney Mark McDaniel who is not affiliated with this case offered his view.

“If a defendant bonds out of jail, there is a statement in there that says what he can and cannot do and one of those things is that he can’t leave the state,” McDaniel said.

At this time a trial date has not been set for Siao.

Source: WAFF