April 13, 2024

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A Lizard Lick Reboot Will Get Someone Hurt, Or Worse

There seems to be talk about Lizard Lick Towing returning to television with new episodes. Whether or not it’s rumor or fact, the idea of the show returning should be disturbing to many. Reality towing and repossession TV shows have garnered substantial criticism, especially when it comes to the potential for violence they may incite in real-life collateral recovery agents. These programs, which fall under the reality genre, often prioritize high-stakes drama and intense confrontations, which can lead to several alarming consequences, sometimes even resulting in tragic and fatal outcomes:

Why Are These Shows Dangerous?

  1. Portrayal of Aggressive Behavior: One of the most concerning aspects of these reality shows is the portrayal of relentless aggression and confrontations during the repossession process. These aggressive depictions can influence individuals to perceive violence as a norm in the industry. This can be incredibly dangerous, as real-life collateral recovery agents already face a challenging and potentially hazardous job.

  2. Normalization of Confrontation: These television programs often normalize confrontations, making them appear routine and expected in the repossession process. This normalization can create an environment where some individuals believe that confrontational and even violent responses are justified when their property is being repossessed. Real-life agents can find themselves facing heightened hostility as a result.

  3. Inspiration for Imitation: Unfortunately, there have been instances where viewers of these shows have taken inspiration from the aggressive behavior depicted on television. This has led to real-life confrontations and even violence against collateral recovery agents. These agents are put in situations where their personal safety is at risk due to individuals imitating what they’ve seen on TV.

  4. Challenging Work Environment: Collateral recovery agents already work in a high-pressure, potentially volatile environment. The influence of these TV shows can exacerbate this challenge, making it even more difficult for them to carry out their duties safely and efficiently. They may have to navigate through an atmosphere of heightened tension and hostility that can have severe consequences.

  5. Fatal Outcomes: Tragically, in some cases, these confrontations have escalated to the point of fatal violence. The depiction of aggressive behavior on TV has, in a few instances, contributed to real-life fatalities involving collateral recovery agents. This underscores the critical need for responsible representation of the industry on television and the potential life-or-death consequences of misrepresenting the realities of the profession.

Reality towing and repossession TV shows can be a catalyst for violence in real-life collateral recovery agents’ work. The portrayal of aggression, normalization of confrontations, and the tragic inspiration for imitation can lead to dangerous situations and even fatalities. It’s essential to recognize the potential life-threatening consequences of misrepresenting the industry and consider the responsibility that comes with producing content that influences public perception and behavior.


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