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Supporting The Collateral Recovery Industry’s Voice In Washington DC

REPO Alliance is the voice of the Collateral Recovery Agent in Washington DC.  With the funds raised, we have hired a lobbyist to help us fight against language in bills that decimate the recovery industry.  This is going to be a long continuous battle.  We need the continued support of everyone to keep our place at the table.

The REPO Alliance auction is an important part in our fight.  The funds raised from the auction will be used 100% to continue funding our lobbyist efforts, keeping our place at the table so our voice will be heard!

Thank you for your support!

This Item Has Been Graciously Donated By:
 Max Pinero – Elite Collateral Recovery

Skip-Tracer National Certification Course Program

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    RISC and Alex "Skipguru" Price will be donating Skip Tracer Certification course proceeds to RABF. - RISC

    This extensive course created by Skip Guru, Alex Price, is an essential tutorial for anyone needing to track down people that have gone off the radar. Alex has 30 plus years of time-tested theories of chasing “skips”. This is a unique look at how to locate them using modern tools, effective communication skills, and the methodologies of breaking down the types of skips into categories. As you will learn, categorizing skips is critical to your success and speed of tracking the “skip” to his/her current location. You will learn how to master this as well as explore invaluable lessons.

    Retail Value: $180.00


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    • Jeanne bid $50.00January 18, 2021 5:46 pm

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