December 10, 2023

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UAR Strikes Again – Tears Up Neighbor’s Yard

BELLEFONTAINE NEIGHBORS, Mo. ( — Sheila Jackson said a tow truck driver left dents and divots in her yard after using it as a driveway while trying to repossess her neighbor’s car.

She said she was furious when she saw the driver on her yard.

“Well you didn’t knock on my door and ask me if you could drive up in my yard, that’s illegal, and for him to keep trying like he did, I feel like that was really disrespectful for real,” said Jackson.

She said the car that they were reposing was blocked in by another vehicle in her neighbor’s driveway.

That’s when neighbors told her they saw the tow truck drive up on her yard.

News 4 found the tow truck driver works for Tennessee-based United Auto Recovery.

We called to speak with someone about this and was told we would get a call back.

Jackson said after our call to them, she received a call from United Auto Recovery who said they would be making proper fixes.

“The gentleman said this is not the first time, he said we just come back and fix your property,” she said.

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