December 10, 2023

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CALR & Federal Coronavirus Relief Legislation S. 3548

Support your small business!
CALR Requests Your Assistance to Pass the CARES Act
Contact Your U.S. Senators TODAY And Ask Them to Support the Small Business Relief Provisions in the Bill
CALR is supporting small business by asking that you contact your local senator. The American Recovery Association is working with NIADA to pass the CARES Act and we all need your help! The U.S. Senate is currently negotiating the next federal coronavirus relief legislation S. 3548, the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act. The U.S. Senate will vote again TODAY on the process to move this bill to a final vote. ARA and NIADA have been engaged in supporting several provisions of this bill that will help our member dealers (small businesses) with necessary cash flow and other aid as a result of the pandemic. These provisions include:
  • $300 billion in small business interruption loans for paid sick or medical leave, employee salaries, mortgage or rent payments, utilities, and any other debt obligations;
  • An opportunity for small business borrowers to obtain loan forgiveness equal to the payroll cost and costs related to debt obligations from March 1 through June 30, 2020; and
  • Delaying payment of employer payroll taxes; relaxing limitations on firm’s use of losses from prior years, and other tax relief to help dealers keep employees on payroll
Please call the Capitol Hill switchboard today at 202-224-3121 and ask your U.S. Senators to vote to support the passage of S. 3548.
In addition to supporting the CARES Act, we encourage all Financial Services Professionals to express their opposition to the proposal prohibiting debt collection, repossession, and garnishment of wages for 120 days following the Pandemic.
You may also reach your Senators at to send feedback or a direct email with the following message below:
Re: Save Small Businesses through the CARES Act
“On behalf of [COMPANY NAME] of [CITY, STATE], I want to express my strong support of the small business provisions in S. 3548 – the CARES Act. These provisions are needed to help our business and employees survive this unprecedented crisis. The proposed small business loans will provide access to necessary cash flow to pay employees, rent, and other business expenses. Vote “YES” on the S. 3548 and keep America’s small businesses working.
Further, as a Financial Services Professional, I strongly oppose the passage of any proposal prohibiting debt collection, repossession and garnishment of wages for 120 days following the Pandemic.”
Thank you in advance for working with us to make our industry heard with ONE VOICE, strong and united as we continue to work together during this difficult time.
If you have any questions about this bill or need any additional assitance, please contact CALR at (619) 265-0525 or email us
To keep up to date with Coronavirus use this link to the CDC.
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