July 12, 2024
Home » Jim Ford Strikes Again

Just over 2 years ago in 2017 we spoke highly of  Jim Ford. In that article we told of Jim’s incredibly large heart.  In 2016, when he was sent to repossess an elderly couple’s car, Jim had a change of heart after meeting them and learning their story. Instead of repossessing their car, Jim raised enough money to pay it off and then brought it back to them. He also serviced and detailed the entire vehicle while he had it.

Today we found out that Jim’s generous heart and kindness brightly shined again. He received an order of repossession at 11:00 in the morning and after making contact, the RO (Who will shall not name out of privacy respect) provided an address where Jim could pick up the unit. Upon arriving at the address, Jim realized that it was a Dialysis Kidney Center and that his RO was a patient of the center. After speaking with the RO, it became clear that this man used the vehicle to get back and forth to his dialysis treatments and he was concerned about making future appointments. Jim further found out that the gentleman was concerned about how he would be able to attend his brother’s funeral the following day.

At 3:00, just 4 hours after first receiving the order for repossession, Jim Ford delivered a 2005 Ford (of course) Taurus Wagon that is in immaculate shape and handed over the keys to this gentleman, free and clear. He won’t have to worry about making his medical appointments or his brother’s funeral.

As the Holidays quickly approach, my wish is that I can be fraction as compassionate as this young man. Awesome maneuver Jim!

Dave Branch