December 10, 2023

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Lawsuit – Targeting McDonald’s Drive-Thrus

A Federal Lawsuit has been filed against Prestige Financial Services of Utah for its illegal practice of repossessing vehicles while they are in McDonald’s drive-thru getting food to survive during the Covid19 Crisis in violation of “Breach of Peace” vehicle repossession.

Prestige Financial Services of Utah is exploiting the increased use of McDonald’s drive-thrus, during the Covid19 crisis, by targeting them and repossessing the vehicles that are actually in line to get food.

Prestige Financial Services (aka MyPrestige) in violation of Federal and State Laws wherein no “Breach of the Peace” can be made in attempting to do a self-help repossession of any vehicle.

The Federal Lawsuit filed in the United States District Court of Oregon against Prestige Financial Services of Utah, a sub-prime auto lender. In the case the repo agent of prestige used a McDonald’s drive-thru as a trap to illegally repossess a vehicle.

The repo agent (tow truck) for Prestige did, after the Plaintiff in the Federal Lawsuit entered the McDonalds drive-thru, first blocked the exit to the drive-thru, then reversed into the drive-thru, endangering everyone in line. The agent then, backed into the vehicle several times and making contact, raising and lowering (dropping the vehicle in an attempt to dislodge, frighten the driver of the vehicle. The repo agent then dragged the vehicle forward stopping at the exit of the drive-drive with the driver still in it.

From the Federal Plaintiff (driver of the vehicle) “ the repossession agent bragged that repossessing vehicles from McDonalds drive-thrus was a favorite way to repossess vehicles by the Finance Company and the Repossession Agent.”

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4207 SE Woodstock Blvd is not part of or Prestige Financial Service) We are a Single Federal Lawsuit & a Federal Class Action Lawsuit against Prestige Financial Service for violations of Federal & State Laws & Statutes. is not a law firm or legal service, we are the actual Plaintiff’s ourselves.

Prestige Financial Services of Utah are targeting McDonald’s restaurant dirve-thrus for the sole purpose of repossessing vehicles. While exploiting the Covide19 Crisis. They are violating both State & Federal laws in their self-help vehicle repossessions by “Breach of the Peace”.

This release was published on openPR.

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