July 11, 2024
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Recovery Agent Dismantles Trucks To Avoid Repossession, Charged With 31 Counts Forgery

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Allen Thomas Bloodworth


A Kansas City, Missouri man has been charged with 31 counts of forgery in what the Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office called a widespread scheme involving his tow company.

Allen T. Bloodworth, 41, faces 31 counts of forgery after being accused of illegally towing vehicles between April 7, 2017, and Nov. 17, 2017.

Bloodworth operates Private Party Impound LLC in the 5600 block of East 31st Street.

Kansas City police said Bloodworth’s arrest was part of a two-year investigation by detectives in the KCPD Property Crimes Unit. In a blog post, police said Bloodworth stole hundreds of vehicles by illegally towing them from private property.

Police said a property owner can request an abandoned vehicle be towed by KCPD, but first, a Missouri Department of Revenue Form 4669 must be completed and signed by the owner or manager requesting the tow. The tow operator then must submit that form to police to allow officers to determine if the vehicle had been reported stolen. From there, the car is stickered for 48 hours, signalling to a potential owner nearby that the vehicle needs to be moved or it will be towed.

Police said officers noticed that more than 280 vehicles had been towed, with the same two property managers signing off as requesting those tows on the 4669 form.

Investigators contacted those property managers who said they never requested those vehicles be towed, and that Bloodworth had forged their signatures.

In March, detectives executed a search warrant at Bloodworth’s impound lot and found 16 vehicles on that lot that had been reported as stolen. Police said in September, four of Bloodworth’s tow trucks were set to be legally repossessed, but Bloodworth dismantled them to prevent the repossession.

Detectives said Bloodworth has been “engaged in deceptive and illegal business practices for years.”

“Area residents of East Zone neighborhoods were frequent victims of the deceptive business practices found in this criminal complaint,” said Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker. “Though all individuals deserve protection from these deceptive practices, many of Bloodworth’s victims already face great financial hardship, exacerbating their injury.”

Police said this case remains under investigation. Anyone with information regarding the towing practices of the defendant or his company are asked to contact KCPD at 816-234-5000.