December 10, 2023

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Repossession Killer Pleads Guilty

ABERDEEN • An Aberdeen woman has pleaded guilty to a 2019 murder case stemming from an argument pertaining to a vehicle being repossessed.

Judge Kelly Mims on June 13 sentenced Lillian Lee Cayson, 34, to 15 years served, 25 years suspended and five years probation for the April 16, 2019, murder of Moses Daniels, 39.

Aberdeen Police Chief Quinell Shumpert said the morning after the incident that Cayson called the business Daniels purchased a van from to say where it was located after payments weren’t being made. An argument between Cayson and Daniels soon followed, which led to her pulling a weapon and shooting him, according to previous Monroe Journal reports.

The incident happened alongside Baptist Street, and Cayson was formally charged with murder by the Aberdeen Police Department shortly afterwards. Witnesses at the scene stated she was the culprit, and police placed her under arrest after going to her residence alongside North Matubba Street.


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