For a repossession owner who thinks outside of the box, especially those that have lots and offices on high traffic roads, this could be a great addition to your toolbox. Plus, only you own/access the data.


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These $2,000 per camera per year plate readers are able to capture the make, model, color, and license plate (partial, full, paper, temporary, or no plate) and are solar-powered. The cost also includes installation, maintenance, cellular to push footage into the cloud, and the pole. It operates 24/7 and in any weather. With its google-like search feature.

Flock Safety is always looking to improve upon its privacy stance and does so in 3 important ways: The private or public customer 100% owns all the footage captured by the LPRs. Flock Safety doesn’t share or sell data to third parties. The footage that is captured securely goes to a cloud and is then deleted after 30 days.

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