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A Response To Rumor From DRN’s Jeremiah Wheeler

Earlier today there were several posts awaiting moderation in our Owner’s Only group on Facebook that centered around access to DRN’s LPR data and changes in it’s availability to the repossession community. Rather than approve the posts, I took what limited rumor there was from the posts, removed some rather harsh commentary, and posted in the Owner’s group. Below is the response to the post for all to read from Jeremiah Wheeler. The following information was not set to be released, but Jeremiah wanted to clear the air and make facts clear. I thank Jeremiah for setting the record straight. – DB

Good Evening Dave,

Based on our chat, I am providing a written statement for your reference on the rumor going around regarding availability of LPR data. The rumor stated that “DRN lpr data will only be available to repossession activity via MV assigned accounts.”
That rumor is not true. We have no plans to restrict the access to Affiliate’s data based solely on MV being involved. With that being said, MVtrac will be our preferred partner to perform LivePickUp services when and where available. 
We have been working on some great tools for our direct Agent Affiliates to use and I will highlight a few of those below. We hope to preview this at the NARS conference in October.
1. A web based tool for agents to interact with their LPR data to skip trace and locate accounts they are assigned. (This tool -LPR Only- will be FREE). — For a small fee (based on the skip data provider) we will have Public Records (PII) data overlapped with LPR for an even better & more robust Skip Platform. (Sample Screenshots below.) Vehicles will AutoLoad based on the agent’s active assignments in RDN so there is no manual work or batch loading to get access to your cases.
2. The user interface above will also have the ability to interact with all Buy It Now hits available to your agency and we are lowering the fee on these again.
3. We will create white-label marketing materials for Affiliates to use and showcase the new “DRNsights for Affiliates” platform they have access to in order for them to take their business directly to the lender’s doorstep, bypassing the forwarders, IF that is what the lender wants. 
DRN & MVtrac are working very hard to ensure we are fighting for the agent’s rights and ability to make a fair wage. For the lenders and forwarders out there that think they are going to remove all of the ancillary fees and lower the repo fees and we will lie down and let it happen, they have another thing coming. There are a few lenders out there that will be called on the carpet very soon for some of their recent pricing pressure tactics. They are acting like heros internally for saving a few bucks but killing the industry around them. It is not ok and I plan to make sure the rest of the industry knows who they are.
I will always fight for the agents until I am no longer in the business. We may not always agree on my tactics but I will always fight for what is right.
Have a great evening!


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