September 26, 2023

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Houston Repossessors Deliver Emergency Relief Supplies

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With images of the devastation caused by Hurricane Ida still being broadcast across the globe, Houston, Texas repossessors Corey & Bryanna Cox wasted no time in organizing a relief drive and rallying the collateral recovery community around them.  Last Saturday morning, September 04, 2021, with a load of emergency relief  supplies in tow, they left Houston for some of the hardest hit areas of Louisiana. The following is Bryanna’s account of their experience.

Before we moved to Houston in 2008, we had never experienced a natural disaster the likes of a severe hurricane. 

There were still many remnants of Ike here then, but most were close the the coast, and we had no idea what we had gotten ourselves into by moving to the gulf. It would be nearly a decade before we experienced our first real hurricane with Harvey. 

The power of Mother Nature is absolutely incredible. I never knew why people used that word, “incredible”, when something historically bad happens. Actually, it’s not just the disaster or tragedy, but it’s how people come together after too. 

Post Harvey, our repo community and many of our friends jumped into action. Those days after losing everything we owned, including our home, were some of the hardest days of our lives…but the moments I remember most, are the people who surrounded us and brought joy and comfort back to us. 

Since that experience, we have developed an inherent need to also act when our neighbors are suffering through the same thing. Going through a natural disaster, and being a survivor after being so heavily impacted, changes you to your core. I’ll never forget the helpers from those days. We are eternally grateful.

When Ida was devastating Louisiana, we knew we wanted to jump into action again, but this undertaking was bigger than anything we’d done before. In just 3 days we managed to raise $7600, and thousands of dollars in donated supplies, with once again, the generosity and help of our Repo family and friends. It’s always INCREDIBLE, how so many others that helped us then, near and far, continue to help us, help others, and pay it forward. 

We managed to fill a 20ft trailer to the brim, after purchasing, sorting and packing all the supplies. Our good friend, Hurricane Katrina survivor Teresa, and us headed to some of the hardest hit parishes.

The things you see, the stories you hear, and the people you meet on these journeys stay with you forever. 

We met 15/16 year old kids organizing rescue/relief efforts, and inspiring the adults around them to do the same. We met people who had nothing to go home to, collecting and delivering supplies for their communities. We met people driving 40-50 miles to get gas for elderly neighbors who couldn’t make the trip but desperately needed their generators to run. We met many other business owners that came from Texas and other surrounding states that felt the same call to action, and left their families, jobs, and lives behind to help the good people of Louisiana. We were even fortunate enough to connect with fellow Repo agency owner, Carly Davis who jumped to donate and help despite being impacted herself. 

There probably aren’t words to describe what the event and aftermath of a devastating natural disaster is truly like. Despite all the damage and pain, the people who you intend to help, are actually the people who help you realize just how fragile and precious life is. How a sense of community means everything when you have nothing. And how, with support, people can overcome anything.

Bryanna Cox

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