July 11, 2024
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Murdered Agent’s Widow Withdraws Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Ann Click, the wife of Jayson Click, a repossession agent tragically killed in a shooting incident in December 2023, has taken a significant legal step by filing a motion to voluntarily dismiss the wrongful death lawsuit against Warren Siao. This motion, filed on July 3, marks a pivotal moment in a case that has garnered attention and raised questions about the circumstances surrounding Jayson Click’s death.

The lawsuit, initially filed on February 26, alleged that Warren Siao, 47 years old, acted negligently, recklessly, or wantonly when he fired a firearm that resulted in the fatal shooting of Jayson Click. According to court documents, the shooting occurred while Click was lawfully engaged in a vehicle repossession at Siao’s residence. The lawsuit contended that Siao discharged an automatic firearm in Jayson Click’s direction without justification, leading directly to Click’s death.

The incident unfolded late at night, prompting the involvement of law enforcement. Following the shooting, both Siao and his wife, along with the tow truck driver involved, were taken to the Huntsville Police Department’s Criminal Investigations Division for questioning. During the investigation, Siao’s wife reportedly indicated that they were behind on car payments, which potentially contributed to the heightened tensions surrounding the repossession attempt.

Details from the investigation revealed that the other agent and Jayson Click had spotted the vehicle in question inside an open garage at Siao’s residence. After receiving no response at the door, they proceeded to maneuver their truck to extract the vehicle for repossession purposes.

In his statement to investigators, Siao admitted to firing approximately 5-6 shots from a rifle. He claimed that he mistook the tow truck driver and Jayson Click for burglars attempting to steal his car, an assertion that added complexity to the circumstances leading up to the shooting.

Presently, Warren Siao is out on bond following his preliminary hearing, which further underscores the legal complexities and ongoing developments in the case. Ann Click’s decision to file for dismissal of the wrongful death lawsuit “without prejudice” means that she retains the option to re-file the lawsuit at a later date. This legal maneuver allows her the flexibility to reassess her legal strategy in light of any new developments, including the outcome of the criminal proceedings against Siao.

The filing of this motion highlights the emotional and legal challenges faced by Ann Click in seeking justice for her husband’s untimely death. It also underscores the broader implications of the case, touching on issues of property rights, self-defense claims, and the use of deadly force in tense situations.