April 13, 2024

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Recovery Industry Sees Oddity In Price Drop

That’s kind of a funny headline because it never happens in the collateral recovery industry right? Year after year, owners have found themselves consistently facing higher costs on everything from initial and continuing education to insurance to accepting accounts.



Repo Buzz is pleased to announce a move that is unheard of in repossession circles. With huge increases in our popularity and daily visitors to our website and Facebook groups, instead of raising our fees for 2020 to be listed in our Repossession Service Provider Directory, we are lowering the yearly cost substantially.

We can’t make up for the disparaging lower fees compared to the cost of doing business, but we can save you a few of those extra nickles and dimes that are being taken away from you on a daily basis.


$150 $100 per year – New Listing/Renewals

Get your agency listed and seen by the most visited repossession website on the internet!

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