May 21, 2024

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 – Imagine your car being repossessed, then damaged, only to find out the repo company had the wrong car.

On August 15, Debra Demmery says she parked her car in an Innovation Park parking deck where she works off University Boulevard in north Charlotte. She went inside for the day and when she came back, her car was gone.

She called 311 for help.

 “They said, ‘Your car has been reoped, we can’t help you.'”

The repo company, National Asset Recovery based in Denver, NC, took the wrong car. Apparently Demmery’s vehicle looked like one they were supposed to repossess, but they didn’t check the VIN number.

To make matters worse, Demmery’s car was significantly damaged. She claims it came from a repo worker, specifically, the one who wrongfully took her car.

“Their tow driver put it in emergency neutral and the car rolled into the back of the tow truck.

She filed a police report. Then she was hit the with bill: $7,270.62.

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