July 12, 2024
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An Alexander City woman was taken to the hospital Tuesday afternoon due to injuries that police say apparently happened while her vehicle was being repossessed.

Just after 2 p.m. Alexander City Police and fire medics from the Alexander City Fire Department were called to K Street in Alexander City on a report of a pedestrian being run over by a vehicle.

“It appears that the woman was struck in some manner as her car was being repossessed.” Alexander City Police Department Deputy Chief James Easterwood said. “It’s still an active investigation, but that’s the information that we’ve been able to get so far.”

After arriving on the scene, first-responders discovered a woman who was injured, complaining of pain and bleeding on a foot and also pain in an arm. She was taken from a residence on a stretcher and placed in an ambulance. Officials said she was transported to Russell Medical, but due to health privacy laws, no more information on her condition could be released.

Easterwood did say that the injuries did not appear to be life threatening.

“It’s unclear if there will be any charges until we complete the investigation,” Easterwood said.

The name of the victim, as well as the identity of the repo company, were not released by police Tuesday.

Witnesses on the scene said that the woman encountered the repossession personnel and tried to get personal items from the car. After not getting an answer, she attempted to get items from the car as the car was being taken from the scene. Those on the scene said that’s when the woman was injured.

Easterwood did say that the people involved in taking the car did contact police shortly after leaving the scene.

“It’s my understanding that when they got away from the scene that they stopped at a store and called us,” Easterwood said. “Our folks are still trying to sort it all out and see exactly how it all transpired.”

Alexander City Housing Authority officers were also on the scene talking with witnesses.

This is the second incident where the repossession of a vehicle in Alexander City led to police activity in the last two months.

On Aug. 3, two individuals attempting to repossess a vehicle were arrested following a police chase.

Charles Steven Denney, 34, and Matthew Wayne Denney, 27, both of Alexander City were arrested following an attempted automobile repossession and the ensuing chase with law enforcement in downtown Alexander City.

Denney was arrested for attempting to elude, possession of marijuana second, possession of drug paraphernalia and impersonating a police officer. Matthew Denney was charged possession of marijuana second, possession of drug paraphernalia and criminal use of defense spray.

The charges stem from where the Denneys were attempting to repossess a Chevrolet pickup truck in the Five Points area on Aug. 3

Witnesses at the Five Points scene described a fight between two males, one of which wearing a blue shirt with “agent” written across the back.

It was in this skirmish that the defense spray was used.