November 30, 2023

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MILWAUKEE – A Milwaukee woman caught on camera allegedly stealing a snowplow from a community center told police that she’s pregnant – and did heroin and cocaine before the theft, according to court documents.

Othman Atta, Operations Manager with the Islamic Society of Milwaukee, says the woman sneaked onto the property Monday night as evening prayer was wrapping up. Surveillance video shows the woman taking the Islamic Center’s snowplow truck and driving it right off the lot.

“The plow was down. We didn’t think anyone would take a plow,” Atta told WITI.

Atta said she managed to lift the heavy, remote-controlled blade off the ground.

Seconds after she left the lot, the center’s security crew followed in pursuit. Security guards followed her and blocked her in until police arrived.

“When she was ultimately captured, she told the police and us some guy who works for a repo company told her or paid her to pick it up and provided her with the keys,” said Atta.

According to court documents, the woman said she did heroin and cocaine two hours before taking the truck, and also claims she’s pregnant.

“The whole story didn’t make sense,” Atta said.

Atta thinks she was working with someone else to maybe sell the truck. Whatever the reason, the theft could likely land the woman in some hot water.

“We definitely want to see her prosecuted,” said Atta.

The woman has yet to be charged.

WITI spoke with her sister, who said their family had lost contact with her after the woman started using drugs and living on the street.


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