December 6, 2023

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On Friday, September 15th, 2017 at approximately 1:45 p.m. SIA Towing of Lanham MD, attempted to repossess a vehicle.

SIA towing received repossession paperwork. Tow truck driver Toby was dispatched to the Hobby Lobby parking lot, after GPS tracking had located the vehicle. Toby located the Lexus in the parking lot, and lifted the car onto his tow truck. While attempting to secure the vehicle, an unidentified driver made contact with Toby. The Lexus driver requested to get “some personal items” out of the vehicle, and Toby allowed her to enter the car. Once in the Lexus, the driver refused to exit the vehicle. Toby contacted law enforcement, and they responded to the scene. Police advised Toby this issue was a civil matter since no crimes were committed. While deputies were on the scene Toby attempted to hookup the front tires, and the driver turned on the car and moved the front wheels, potentially endangering Toby. Police informed the driver she was not allowed to endanger him or damage his equipment. The Lexus driver allowed Toby to finish securing the vehicle, while she remained in the driver seat. Deputies left the scene, and advised Toby to call back if there was a crime committed.

Toby told the police and Driver “I have a full tank of gas and air conditioning, I can be here all weekend.”

Toby and the Lexus driver began a standoff. The Lexus driver refused to exit the vehicle, and Toby couldn’t tow the car with it occupied. Later in the evening, Toby observed the Lexus driver to be getting out of the car. While another unidentified individual entered and remained in the Lexus. Toby once again requested law enforcement, and St. Mary’s County Sheriffs Office Deputies responded to the location. Deputies explained the uncooperative Lexus diver, that she was receiving an hourly additional rate at approximately one hundred dollars per hour of the stand off and the repossession paperwork was correct. Deputies also requested the standoff to end, as it was impeding traffic flow of the parking lot. After approximately five hours, the Lexus driver decided to exit the vehicle with her belongings. Toby completed the repossession and left the scene with the Lexus.

The Lexus driver refused to be identified, and received an additional towing fee of approximately five hundred dollars for the standoff.


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