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DALLAS – Hundreds of people are speaking out online about a video of a dog riding in the back of a tow truck on a busy Dallas highway. The viral video is causing some polarizing reactions between animal advocates and other members of the community.

“Get your dog inside,” Marina Tarashevska could be heard screaming in the video.

The animal activist says she began filming after seeing the tow truck on I-30 near Jim Miller Road in Dallas around 7:40 p.m. on Monday.

Tarashevska posted the video on social media with a message saying, “How can anyone be so heartless and so cruel to think this dog is enjoying himself…barely clinging on at 70-miles per hour.”

The driver of the red-colored tow truck could be heard shouting back, “The dog’s OK. He likes it.”

The repo-man driving that truck identified himself as Bubba Bingham. He says the viral video has made him the target of a lot of backlash.

Bingham said, “It’s not against the law to have my dog on the back of my truck in Texas.”

Workers with Dallas Animal Services say transporting an animal in that fashion is not allowed in Dallas.

Gabi Vannini is a spokesperson for Dallas Animal Services. Vannini said, ”It’s really not safe, and there actually is an ordinance in the City of Dallas against that.

Section 7-3.5 states that a dog or animal cannot ride in the open bed or flatbed of a moving vehicle. So it really is illegal in the City of Dallas.”

Unlike Dallas Police officers, animal investigators cannot pull over vehicles.

Vannini explained, ”We know that it can be common practice, especially in a lot of rural areas, but it’s extremely dangerous.”

Bingham said the dog had a three-point harness and he does not believe the pet was in any danger.

Still, the video has been shared more than 1,000 times and hundreds of people have commented on the post. There is even an online petition urging police to get involved.

“Everybody pretty much needs to mind their own business,” Bingham said.

The dog owner claims he felt threatened when he noticed Tarashevska filming him with her phone as she was driving.

The Dallas Police Department is aware of the video. Tarasheska says she is working to file a formal complaint about the way the dog was being transported.

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