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Indiana Repossession Association Formation Announced

December 12th,2022


We are excited to announce that the individual repossession companies in the State of Indiana have joined together to form the Indiana Professional Repossessors Association – INPRA. Collectively we perform nearly 90% of the repossession efforts in the State of Indiana. Our goal is to ensure industry progression through education and communication with industry vendors, financial institutions, regulatory agencies, local government, and the consumer.

Together, we can make positive changes that will ensure safe and effective collateral recovery across the state. We shall endeavor to reduce liability and bring uniformity to the repossession industry in our state, so that clients and consumers alike know each repossession is handled in the most professional manner possible. This means ensuring each agency performs their duties while maintaining the highest level of compliance and in accordance with the law. INPRA is the beginning of great things to come to the State of Indiana and the repossession industry.


Todd Case
Indiana Professional Repossessors Association

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