Turn Any Camera Into An ALPR With This Cheap Software

For years, license plate readers have been used by police to collect information on millions of people, whether it’s for criminal investigations, racial profiling or illegal blackmailing. Now Rekor Systems wants to put that technology in your neighbors’ hands. On Thursday, the company launched Watchman, automatic license plate reader technology it says can be installed on any home camera. Rekor’s

Loss Prevention Services Launches New Repossession Management Platform

Grand Rapids, Michigan based Loss Prevention Services, an industry leading repossession management service provider to auto finance lenders and servicing companies, will be launching a new repossession management platform, SysHub, first quarter of 2020.  SysHub will provide a suite of administrative process and service enhancements that synchronize current operating systems to support service level agreements,

GVWR versus GCWR

How Much Can My Truck Tow? A vehicle can only tow as much weight as it is rated for by the vehicle manufacturer, whether it is a pickup truck towing capacity, SUV towing capacity or other vehicle towing capacity. Manufacturers, including trailer manufacturers, typically provide a number of different weight ratings that are designated by

Repo Buzz Welcomes Delvepoint

Repo Buzz would like to welcome our newest advertiser, Delvepoint. Delvepoint’s data is comprised of hundreds of billions of records from over ten thousand sources, including all three credit bureaus. Searches and reports are expertly linked, organized and ready with just one click. Founded by technologists and investigators with more than 70 years of combined