May 21, 2024

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Texas ARP Hosts ARS – Ends With Positive Outlook

TexasARP Hosts ARS at First State Association Meeting

Earlier this month TexasARP members met with our industry partner, American Recovery Service (ARS). This meeting was quite productive and beneficial for both parties.

In attendance representing ARS were Dave Baker the Chief Compliance Officer, Mark Hinkle the EVP of Vendor Relations and Compliance, Alex Kalogero the SVP of Vendor Relations and Compliance, and Chrissy Luther the VP of Operational and Vendor Compliance.

The key takeaways from the meeting include:

Positive Changes: Many positive changes were announced during the meeting, indicating a commitment to enhancing the relationship and addressing concerns between TexasARP, agents nationwide, and ARS.

Vendor Relations Department: ARS has updated their current Vendor Relations Management program, which aims to strengthen relationships with recovery partners by implementing regional managers. This department will focus on promoting healthy dialogue based on performance, operational insight, and industry challenges. The department will be led by Director Rose Perez.

RDN Integrations with WebTracker: The integration of RDN with WebTracker is being improved, allowing for the seamless flow of ARS pictures and condition reports through RDN into WebTracker. This integration will save agents time and reduce frustration.

Document Integration: In the near future, ARS plans to complete document integration. This will likely streamline the document handling process and further enhance efficiency.

Invoicing Integration: TexasARP expressed appreciation for the current invoicing integration and the timely payment of invoices. ARS acknowleged the importance of these aspects for agents’ businesses.

Education Platform: In response to requests from TexasARP members and agents nationwide, ARS will be developing a tutorial on the correct method of uploading documents to avoid denied invoices. This tutorial will be made available on the WebTracker Resources page, providing valuable educational resources for agents. The WebTracker Resources page was also highlighted by ARS, for agents to remember to check regularly as all fees and requirements are available there and updated regularly. TexasARP members did ask for a key requirements sheet to be built/included and ARS agreed to pursue this effort.

Impounds: Concerns related to delays in impound recoveries due to notary document expiration were discussed. ARS is taking steps to expedite the process or find alternatives to avoid the need for new documents.

ALLY Key Processing: Differences in key fees for direct Ally work were addressed, with ARS explaining the Client fee approval for keys and reiterating that additional fees are not billed to Ally. Ally is aware of the difference and acknowledged it openly at NARS 2023.

Transports: Issues related to transporters were discussed such as not scheduling appropriately, not showing up on time, or with the proper equipment. The members did highlight to ARS the ease of qualifying and scheduling transports through Cleardata. ARS agreed to support their agent partners in refusing or canceling appointments due to transport issues. In return TexasARP members agreed to aggregate data of days on lot for ARS cars and help them to determine how to better expedite the process of getting units off lot faster.

Texas Taxes and State Compliance: TexasARP members highlighted the unique tax challenges faced by Texas agents and emphasized the importance of adhering to Texas-specific requirements. They encouraged ARS to vet their Texas agents to the same level and prioritize partnerships with TexasARP members.


The meeting was marked by candor and collaboration, and both TexasARP and ARS expressed appreciation for the opportunity to work together. The commitment to improvement, communication, and support of agents is evident in the outcomes of the meeting. TexasARP looks forward to continued progress and partnership with ARS, with plans for a follow-up meeting in the coming months via Zoom to allow more members to participate. This open dialogue will likely lead to further enhancements in the industry relationship.


-Bryanna Cox President of TexasARP

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