December 10, 2023

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CFPB May 2022 – Tagging Repossessions Yet Again

“2.1.1 Wrongful Repossessions Examiners have continued to identify wrongful repossessions at auto servicers.3 Recent examinations found that servicers engaged in unfair acts or practices when they repossessed vehicles after consumers took action that should have prevented the repossession. This caused substantial injury by depriving borrowers of the use of their vehicles, and many consumers also experienced consequences such as missed work, expenses for alternative transportation, repossession-related fees, detrimental credit reporting, and vehicle damage during the repossession process. Such injury was not reasonably avoidable because consumers had taken action they believed would halt repossession and there was no additional action the consumer could take to prevent the repossession. Finally, the injury was not outweighed by countervailing benefits to the consumer or to competition. In response to these findings, servicers are enhancing their procedures, including enhancing timely communications with repossession agents, and remediating consumers.”

Read the entire Supervisory Highlights release in PDF format below:

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