December 10, 2023

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Local law enforcement authorities were called after an attempt to repossess a car got out of hand Sunday afternoon.

The incident began with three employees of a repossession company attempted to repossess a car for a Mount Haley Township couple. During the attempt, a 42-year-old woman jumped in the car.

Before she drove away from the scene, one of the employees hopped into the passenger seat, and she headed off with him inside the car, according to a Midland County Sheriff’s Office media log entry. She could not find her phone to call 911, and drove to a Homer Township store to go inside for help.

The woman’s husband, as well as the remaining two repossession employees, followed her to the store. They group argued in the parking lot until deputies and Midland Police arrived.

Neither side wished to pursue charges and the car was turned over to the repossession employees.


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