April 13, 2024

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MELBOURNE, Fla. – On Monday at approximately 5:25 p.m., police responded to a Harbor City Blvd. Sunoco for a reported shooting near 746 Lawrence Drive in Melbourne.

The alleged target of the shooting, identified as William La Drew who is employed by J and J Asset Recovery, told police that upon an attempt to repossess a GMC truck, he witnessed the suspect, identified as Thor Yarabek, exiting a residence, police said.

Police said La Drew then heard several loud bangs, realized they were gunshots ricocheting off metal objects, and observed the suspect running toward him. La Drew then entered his truck, drove away and parked at a Sunoco to meet with responding police officers.

There was no apparent damage to the tow truck; however, the repossessed vehicle had a flat tire, possibly due to gunfire, police said.

After La Drew provided a description of the suspect, police said they interviewed Yarabek, the owner of the vehicle at his residence at 756 Hawthorne Drive, where they said a .45 caliber gun was recovered.

Yarabek told police someone had taken his truck. After the investigation, police confirmed he was the shooter, he was placed under arrest and taken to the Melbourne Police Department.

Yarabek was turned over the Brevard County Sheriff’s Department and faces aggravated assault and additional charges.


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