May 21, 2024

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When you think of dangerous lines of work, police officers and firefighters come to mind. What about those who repossess vehicles?

One Arkansas repo man has had a rough week. Robert Moore says he is a repo man because the job provides a good living. But there are days when he wonders if it is worth it. Monday was one of those days. While repossessing a 2018 Dodge Journey at 140 Oak View drive in North Little Rock Moore was attacked by a man and his step-son.

“Is this the worst you’ve ever suffered as a repo man?” “It’s the worst injury,” says Moore. “Not the worst situation, but the worst injury I’ve ever had in 10 years.” Moore says the worst situation occurred in 2017 when he tried to repossess a Ram 1500 truck. Patrick Lee faces an aggravated assault charge. Prosecutors allege Lee held a loaded gun to Moore when he tried to repossess his truck.

“I’ve had actual police officers tell me if you come on my property I’m going to shoot at you too,” says Moore.

Here is a photo Moore took of one of his attackers. He has no idea who it is because he says when police showed up they asked him for an I.D. but they didn’t ask his attackers for I.D.

The police report indicates that “Officers were unable to locate Jeffrey Rome in ACIC to gain his I.D. or DL number using the birth date provided by him or Lakesha Edwards” She is the owner of the vehicle who drove it off Moore’s tow truck and was later pulled over by police.

Repo men solve problems for finance companies but can create problems for law enforcement.

“It’s no different than a process server coming to your door,” posits Moore. “Nobody wants to be served with papers. Does that give you the right to punch him?”

“It sounds like they have sympathy for the person having their vehicle repossessed and they can understand why they are upset.”

“Sympathy…and I think a lot of times they are afraid of a lawsuit.”

Moore says he is facing well over $1,000.00 in medical bills because of this attack and he has no idea who to send them to because he says North Little Rock police failed to properly identify his attackers.

A North Little Rock spokesperson declined an on camera interview today but she did share a statement that says North Little Rock officers are continuing to follow up on this incident.

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