May 21, 2024

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NC Magistrate Not Guilty For Weed In Repo

PLYMOUTH, NC (WITN) – A former Eastern Carolina magistrate has been found not guilty of having marijuana in his Italian sportscar that was parked behind the courthouse.

Danielle Cox, of Roper, was cleared after a short trial last Thursday in Washington County.

Cox, who had previously won nearly a million dollar lottery prize, had his 2014 Maserati repossessed last August. His attorney, Toby Fitch, says that came about due to a mixup with the man’s lender.

A repo man gave deputies permission to search the car, even though Fitch said they could have gotten a warrant. He argued that was an illegal search.

The lawyer also said the leaves found on the floor of the car apparently were never tested as no lab evidence was submitted at trial.

The District Court judge found Cox not guilty.

Fitch is a former Superior Court judge and current state senator from Wilson.


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